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Trident High School Scholarship Success
by Lynda Frisby - Monday, 16 February 2015, 10:31 AM

Trident has continued its tradition of excelling at scholarship, winning an impressive 9 scholarships in 2014.  Five students gained scholarship English and four other scholarships were gained in Geography, Physical Education, Art History and Photography.  These scholarships were awarded to Shonaugh Wright, Rachael Barr, Monika Maxwell, Kelly Parker, Olivia Smits and Jack Bewley.

The Photography scholarship was not only an Outstanding Scholarship but was also the top Photography scholarship in New Zealand for 2014. This was awarded to Trident Dux of 2014, Kahu Kutia. Kahu’s success in the scholarship had been predicted by her teacher Mrs Galley, who has had scholarship success with students before but acknowledged the quality of Kahu’s work was exceptional.

Kahu Kutia